Double Rules, reinstall issue?

this seems to be a long time problem. After a while the rules build up and sort of stop working. 3-4 days ago i removed the app and all rules. im set on custom policy, make rules automatically, and high alerts for all types of ip. gateway box is unchecked. this has happened before and it seems like a time installed issue, but i thought i’d ask. i have double rules same ipv4 address same port(80) 2 rules now created auto, neither work. no final rule block ip, in out, dont know if this is nessassary but its not present. yesterday nothing i did would make mpcmdrun(msftSecurityEssentials) work, or svchost. i added ip’s left and right. so i disabled firewall, right click in tray>disable. updatesd msftSecEssentials, and updated windows … vista. i’ve had this problem with windows 7 too, and xp. its like a bug that keeps popping up, once comodo has been installed 4 to 7 months, no matter what rule i add to an app in the list it wont make a difference at all. i cannot add a single ipv4 address and a port(80), which is added in duplicate allready, by the automatic, i have deleted both before, and then added it back, no luck. what the heck is this bug? where is my error? when automatically create rules came out i was happy thinking it would solve it. now remember 4 days ago i ‘removed’ the app from the list, its quotetracker, tdameritrade-jerry medved, started over and now i have duplicate rules that dont allow the thing to connect. in tcp view(a netstat app) it shows SYNSENT and then nothing, no ESTABLISHED, same was true for the win update. now i have svchost and msftSecurityessentials removed and waiting for popups, so like always i check remember my answer and allow. sorry if this is long winded, its not hard to describe but more like hard to believe a simple allow rule duplicated, or with one removed(either) its like comodo plain ignores the rule in the list and i should be happy the others work at all. were talking 37 rules under stocks.exe, created automatically. this has to be simple, ive coded apps and usually this happens from too many entries, is there some unoffical limit to the # of rules, and has anybody had this problem. i really shouldnt ever have to remove an app and start the list of rules again. whats the word up.