Double entry for Comodo in HKLM...CurrentVersion\Run

I am using only the Firewall from Comodo Internet Security, and have notice that there are two Comodo entries in the Run section of the registry, one for Comodo Firewall Pro, and one for Comodo Internet Security. Both point to the same .exe file. Only one instance of the program is running, just curious as to why there are two entries, and if it’s OK to delete one of them.

David McKay

Probably one of them is the result of an automated update.

Deleting one would be fine and the tray icon shield will be still there.

Though AFAIK the effect of having them both should be that CFP GUI window is opened at startup (the first one in the run section would launch the GUI in hidden -h mode, the second one will make the window opened and visible despite the -h mode was specified).

Is this what happens?

AFAIK CFP Miscellaneous\Diagnostic would be able to restore the one related to the current version in case both Run entries will be deleted.

Though to avoid any hassles it might be reasonable to use regedit to export one of them at least before deleting both and running the diagnostic.