Double Database Bug

2 instances of databases in scanners folder. It happens sometimes. May be coz of internet glitch during CIS updates or any other probs.

Previously too I & other users have reported this.

Devs, plzz look into this.

I haven’t found a link, but I kind of remember this happens if system restore is used.
Can anyone confirm this please?

It happens normally too, don’t know why?

If you can figure out how to replicate it, or at least find a time where you are certain that there was no system restore, or any other reason you could think which could have caused it, please create a bug report for it immediately afterwards.

As I have mentioned don’t know why it happens but I think may be coz of internet glitch during CIS updates or system restart by user during CIS updates.

CIS should track that update was not successful or whatever the prob & 2 instances shouldn’t happen.

Devs should look into this bug.

I don’t remember previously I or any other user filed formatted bug report or not. If someone now files would be good.

I am not filing bug report. So if you say then bug will be not solved then I accept it & live with the bug.

I’d like to see if fixed, but have not encountered it myself. Thus, I cannot create a bug report for this.

The next time it happens please create a bug report soon after, even if you don’t know what caused it. Be sure to attach a copy of your logs, configuration, diagnostics report, and the Process List. Doing so is the best way to get it to the attention of the devs, and thus get it fixed.

Thank you.

How is this manifested? Duplicate /scanners/bases.cav? That would seem to be impossible.

Hi WxMan1,
Yes a second ‘bxxxxxxx.cav’ file is created in the scanners folder leaving one DB file obsolete (No longer used).
It does not effect the programs performance and the obsolete file can be deleted safely.

Chiron I haven't seen this happen with the more current versions, but I will try to reproduce it. If and only if I do succeed reliably I will create a report. :)

I think in previous versions it didn’t happen coz bases.cav was the name for databases & duplicate bases.cav was not possible.

Now the name changes with every database update i.e now the database name also contains database version so they are not exactly duplicate now & therefore 2 instances possible.

May be try to disconnect the net during database update or restart the system during database install to reproduce the issue.

Could you be more descriptive? What are the names and sizes of the two .cav files?