double clicks hijacked by comodo AV

CIS has hijacked my double clicks - when I double click on any file (executables as well as word docs, excel spreadsheets, PDFs, etc) CIS opens a scan window and shows a scan complete message. To open / run any file, I need to right-click the file and click on Open. The default action when I right click is “Scan with Comodo Antivius”. This is really pissing me off and making me seach for the older version which did not do such things. Any chance of have a configuration where I can change this setting ?

Hi, maheshc.
Bold Comodo scan entry in right-click menu does not mean it is default action, it’s just minor bug which will be fixed.
Do you use any alternative file manager (not windows file explorer)?

Hi, I just been through reinstaling my computer and decided to install the full CIS suite (saying goodbye to Avast).

I have noticed the same problem: when double clicking on a file (a .exe for exemple) it runs the AV scanner instead of opening/executing the file normaly.

On further investingation, it appears the problem happens only while using my file manager (Altap Salamander) and not in the basic Windows explorer.

Is the problem with CIS ?