Hey i have a little Question. Im jusing the Comodo Server. Im playing WarRock(FPS Shooter) and it give an Tool for wr that you can Doss ppl on this game. Why have this Firewall no Doss protection?

Hi jan555 , welcome to the forum

1st, please provide more info about your system (at least OS; Service Pack; platform 32 or x64…etc.)
In addition
What router you are using? Setting up the latter correctly would be the 1st layer of defense

Then, be more specific describing the Software you are using especially about “… an Tool for wr that you can Doss ppl on this game…”

Finally, please use Search feature of the forum (say, “DDos” / ”DDos attack” keywords) and you’ll find some discussions and suggestions, e.g.:;msg507312#msg507312

My regards

I don’t think that this request belongs to “what to develop next” section :slight_smile: , so most likely moderators will move it to the appropriate place