dos atack log were

well i have been using comodo firewall and i got to tell its a great program

but i have a question were its located the log for dos atack

i see the attack detection setting but i cant locate the log for tcp flood,udp flood and icmp flood

another one 20 paquets and 20 for duration its the optimum configuration?

i host a ares chat and dos atacks are someting of every day there but i want to know wen im getting atacked and have the ability to monitor these IPs to block them and know who are doing this for this i need to fing the flood log

i already tried to monitor in the inbound and outbound hehe but it runs to fast i can do anything there to much ips

in the log of inbound and outbound in the bytes parts what woud be normal in a conection 60 bytes? lets say a conection that haves 2mb this is normal?


Do you want to see the IP addressed blocked? If yes,

CIS-Firewall-Common Tasks-View Firewall Events

If you click ‘More’ (in the lower portion of the window) you can verify all such events of Firewall, Antivirus and Defense+ for day, week etc.

Anything that is blocked is logged there (i.e. programs given access are not logged).

Hope this helps.

but how can i know why it was blocked?

it dosent say dos atack or other thing else the strange part is that it says destination ip thats my ps3 ip my ip ends ni 2 dont know why

can some one tell me why its telling me an ip was blocked triying to get to an ip in my lan thats not this pc ip i dont really understand