DON'T UPDATE - if you use Sandboxie

The most current update for Comodo clobbers Sandboxie’s Service Driver. I even tried starting the driver manually and received the following error:

“The Sandboxie Service service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs.”

Reinstalling Sandboxie does not fix the problem. The only fix is to re-install Comodo and not to update. Thinking it might have been a fluke, I tried updating again but just like before, Sandboxie’s driver couldn’t start.

To reproduce the problem - download Sandboxie v3.442:

Uninstall Comodo and install Sandboxie. Make sure everything is working and then install Comodo. Make sure that Sandboxie is still working expected. Now update and after you reboot, Sandboxie’s Service Driver will be clobbered.

Sandboxie is optional freeware or payware. Using Vista 32-bit but is likely to effect 64-bit also. Can any one confirm?

what I think is going on is that sandboxie hooks into the kernel just like CIS does, well with this update CIS is protecting the kernel and hooks a lot more and basically breaks sandboxie by not letting it in. This fix from CIS came from the problem reported by matousec on kernel hooking.

Thanks I wonder why :slight_smile:

It appears the Sandboxie service starts the sandboxie driver which waits for the system to be idle before it places its hooks on kernel code, which CIS 4.1 stops so the driver cannot load and the sevice fails as it cannot start the driver.


What you guys mentioned is correct. From what I understand, Sandboxie must have access directly with the kernel or its security is compromised greatly - therefore defeating the whole purpose of using the application. Is there any work-around solution from the end users perspective or is it a programmer’s fix only?

from what I know I doubt it will ever work again with CIS, from what I can tell CIs is guarding the kernel very thoroughly ( and really that is it’s job) and any other program that wants access in the way sandboxie wants access will not work. CIS is almost working like patch guard is on the x64 bit edition of windows.

There has to be a solution here. No one should have to compromise their security by letting one or the other go. Both pieces of software are the best in their category and worked quite well together before this update. Dennis2 pointed out something interesting - he said that Sandboxie waits for the system to be idle before it loads the driver. It appears at this point, is when Comodo steps in and prevents the driver from loading, right? If Sandboxie’s driver loaded faster, would Comodo leave it alone?

why should i install a program that forbid me to use another program? if comodo defense+ is not asking if i want to let sandboxie run, then theres something wrong.
it would look, as if comodo wants to push their so called “sandbox”.
(and really, thats NOT its job).

no all they did is harden the security of the hooks in the kernel to resolve the KHOBE problem that was reported by Matousec. So what it basically did is make comodo into a kind of patchguard that comes on windows 64 bit.

yes. but sandboxie should run. that point is still in question.

If you read here the 6th reply/post Tzuk explains why the Driver cannot start earlier.


There is a workaround here “For now, it works if you disable the monitoring of “device drivers installations” in Defense+ settings… Hope Comodo will fix this bug eventually…”

Sandboxie seems to work if you re-enable this monitoring after Sandboxie loads, but then you have to go through the process again after a startup or restart.

CIS 4.1 causes more problems and incompatibilities than before.
The security offered by Comodo was good enough, and I don’t think this new “kernel hooking protection” is worth the tradeoff.
I’m back to version 4.0 for now and I hope to see an update that addresses these issues.

Probably yes if you’re paranoiac/security freak and have gazillions of security software installed. I’m perfect fine with FW and D+ alone and I feel no need for installing overwhelming security software.
But you have a point, CIS Free must be compatible with every piece of software/hardware in the world. ;D

I have Sandboxie 3.442 perfectly working with CIS 4.1 in my 32 bit XP SP3.

Of course, while installation of the Sandboxie, when sandboxie wanted me to disable the ‘security softwares’, I disabled both defense+ and sandbox for sometime. Once the sandboxie was installed, I re-enabled it and sandboxie is working without any problems.

layman, I did some testing and it seems to be working on Windows XP SP3, but not on Windows 7… Therefore this must be a bug, not the intended behavior…

this is giving the “default deny” a new dimension:

“default deny of other (better) products to convince users to use cis alone”. (avira, sandboxie and others as far as i can see from the posts of problems)

i hope this is a coincidence.

Languy has given an explanation as to why this is happening,it’s not any sort of anti-sandboxie conspiracy.

There’s always the potential for conflicts between security applications,it’s the nature of the beast.

i just read a post about “to be paranoic” to install other programs. that was more what i have answered too.

sandboxie is a great program. like defense+ is one too. but all aspects of the great CIS dont compensate the additional using of sandboxie (while cis sandbox is disabled).

cis makes sure, that nothing comes in. and sandboxIE makes sure, that no trash is left behind. perfect combination.

From sandboxie forum: “The other way is to change the driver SbieDrv in Device manager from Demand to Automatic”

Device Manager → Show hidden devices → Non plug & play → SbieDrv → Change startup type from Demand to Automatic

Doing this, with D+ full enabled, after reboot i just have to right click Sandboxie Control → Run as administrator . This is a near to acceptable short term solution, until a fix/update ???

I would not change the Driver as it appears if the Driver starts to soon you are introducing some risk while hooking the kernel, and sandboxie may fail.

Please read here.