Don't see ignore option for scan results, can't open log, and forum killed post

I have run Comodo Cleaning essentials for the first time. It wants to Clean items I know are not malware, including WebBrowserPassView and Weather Channel Desktop, and the program Boost, which I have no reason to believe is malware. It gives Suspicious for SearchWithGoogleUpdate on Google Toolbar and Major Geeks Software Updater; I’m not buying that. I don’t see any Ignore option allowing me to exempt those items before I click on Apply.

It would be very helpful for me in dealing with the 52 results to be able to look at a log. But when I clicked on Browse Logs, it took me to a TMP file which I cannot figure out how to open.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials 2.4.225190.192
Virus Signature Database Version 15732

Windows XP SP 3 (32-bit) on C Drive

Microsoft Security Essentials

SUPERAntispyware Free 5.6.1014
Spybot 2.0.12
IObit Malware Fighter 1.0
EMCO Malware Destroyer 6
COMODO System Utilities 4.0.226743.26
CCleaner 3.28
Boost 1.0.2
ARO 2012 8.0
Panda Cloud Cleaner 1.0.42

I must say that in my first time running CCE I’m quite disappointed with the high number of false positives, which appear to make up the majority of the entries.

P.S. When I first clicked on Preview for this posting, the forum told me that my session was too long and that I had been logged out. That STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN! I took the time to follow your guidelines and provided all the information from my Windows directory on my security and utilities programs, and for that you penalize me by destroying my post!

If I did not have the Lazarus text recovery extension on this browser, I would be really furious!

Hi conceptualclarity,
Your Forum session time is changeable at login.

Hi, captainsticks.

Thanks for the information. Just how do I do that?

Can you help me with the other two matters I raised?

Hi conceptualclarity,

Your session length/time to stay logged in, is user defined at the login screen.
The Login Screen Help
The Quick Login Screen Help

Can you help me with the other two matters I raised?
Click on [i]Repair[/i] and this will give a drop down menu to select [i]Ignore[/i]. (Screenshot) Alternatively click on [i]Operation[/i] for select all options.

The logs should turn into a text file after reboot when the scan completes.

I hope that helps.

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Hi, captainsticks,

Thank you very much for your help.

Pardon me for dispensing with the quote function. I wasn’t able at this point to make it differentiate between your words and mine.

My problem with the login was I wasn’t seeing that option with my AutoLogin from LastPass. But I finally did see the option and chose Forever.

I’m glad to know that “The logs should turn into a text file after reboot when the scan completes”, but it would be a lot more helpful, especially with such a large amount of results, to be able to see the log before clicking on Apply and rebooting rather than after.

That drop-down you showed me is hidden. Previously I didn’t see anything that indicated you were supposed to click at the far right of the entry line to open up these well-concealed options. I wish they would make that feature more user-friendly. But I will utilize it now that you’ve shown it to me.

Could you tell me before I act on this scan, what does the Report option entail?

Thank you again for your help.

Hi conceptualclarity,
Quote take from the help file for the report function.

To report threat as a false-positive result, click on the entry under the Operations column and select 'Report'. The file will be sent to Comodo. Experts in Comodo will analyze the file and add it to whitelist, if found safe.

A tip for sorting,

You can sort the scan results by alphabetical order by clicking the 'Threat Name' column header. Similarly you can sort the scan results based on the risk level by clicking the 'Risk' column header.

Both quotes are taken from the following page.
Comodo Cleaning Essentials Help

I hope that helps.

This did not happen. It is after reboot a very large TMP file impervious to being opened, totally useless.

I don’t know that a single one of the many things CCE flagged was not a false positive. I let it clean cygwin, because I wanted to get rid of that anyway. But it only removed a fraction of the cygwin files it found, and cygwin still shows on my directory.

It looks like CCE needs a lot of work before I can recommend it to others. I’m quite disappointed.
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