Don't see bottom line results in using Comodo

I’m evaluating Comodo. I’m not an expert, so I need to see results. Can’t get by the interface to see anything worthwhile. All I get are questions, but no answers. I need off, on, working, here’s who is trying to go out to the internet, and how to stop them permanently.

In other words I want to control what comes into my computer and what goes out. I thought that thats what a firewall is supposed to do.

I’ll give Comodo the benefit of my doubt, so can anyone tell me how to do these.
— Stop Firefox from changing my existing program. Like Firefox has hacked your computer and will install at the next restart.
— Stop AVG Antivirus from going to the internet. It hacks my computer every time I start even though I have automatic updates turned off.
— Stop AVG Antivirus from making changes to my existing program. They hacked my computer changed my registration and now I can’t remove it from the startup list.
— Stop Microsoft from stealing from my computer.



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  1. I Don’t Understand You Want On This ONe
  2. Open Up CIS > Firewall > Advance > Network Security Policy > avg(execution) > Edit > Treat As Block Application
  3. I don’t understand this one either
  4. What do you mean stealing?


This guy sounds like he has conspiracy issues.

Why would you want to turn off auto updates on an AV program?
I don’t use FF, what is it changing/trying to do?
What changes is AVG trying to make?
What is M$ trying to steal?

Someone here who uses or has used FF and AVG should be responding here.

I use FF. I don’t know how it changes his “existing program”…

@gendelpost, you need to be a bit more clear. 88)

If you set your firewall security level to SAFE then every time you initiate an application the application is learned . For the first few days or weeks you’ll have to interact with the program and read what is taking place . Most firewall programs act in this manner . You will need to allow your AntiVirus software to connect to the internet because it updates the data sometimes hourly depending how you set it up . If you don’t like the way AVG acts get another AntiVirus program, but don’t go without .

There are a few free ones to choose from AVIRA COMODO and there are more but I wouldn’t suggest anything I personally don’t like . If You want to pay for AntiVirus protection there are lots of choices . I would suggest ESET or Kaspersky .

Windows needs to connect to the internet to update , it may be critical updates security updates or general patch updates . If your information is very sensitive get an external hard drive and carry it from workstation to workstation . The software you install is only as good as the user behind it .

If you don’t want to learn about it you’ll always be suspect until you understand how it works . Read the manual that comes with your software and try to understand it as best you can . If you don’t understand a function of the software join the developers forum website and ask general questions as you did , as we all did . Good luck .