Don't see any computers in my LAN


I just installed Comodo Firewall and have now some problems.
I can’t see any other computers in my LAN anymore. When I search
after a computer I find it, but I can’t see it in the workgroup.
I have computers IP-range in a trusted zone. I have Windows XP
Pro SP-2 and Windows Firewall closed.

Whats wrong?

Don’t know for sure if this is related to Comodo, cause I have the same problem as what you described, but it even happened when I had ZA (ZoneAlarm Basic) installed.

My DNS isn’t even working, I made shortcuts to other PC’s within my LAN using their IP. (low level).
Now that I think of it, try putting the Firewall to “Allow All” for some minutes and see if it works then?
(Just an idea)