don't run zillion and one apps doing the same thing

Awesome. That will shut up those over sensitive multilayer users over at Wilders. LOL. Lets see here. I if I am a member at Wilders I must run Geswall,Comodo with D+, Threatfire at level 5, Returnil, Shadow Surfer. Drop my rights, Avira Premium, NOD32 and Avast all running under a Sandbox. Oh I forgot. Also I must Run SAS,MBAM,SpyBot and A_squared in real time. Blah. PARANOIA City. Sorry again modders for the…off topic stuff.

Make a poll there. You will find that most people don’t do what you say.

Personally, i’m about to stop using the light “HIPS” i use, SSM free. Windows properly configured does most of the work, and better.

Well, we are talking about WS… And this thread is scary like hell. The people posting in there must have horrible conflicts between all those apps, without realizing the issue at all. As it shows on this thread about “failed” D+.

Well, I think the “don’t run zillion and one apps doing the same thing” debate is rather on-topic here, see above. :wink:

I don’t really agree with you, here’s the first post:


Yeah, which turned out to be 95% like a conflict between CFP with Defence Plus, GesWall and ThreatFire. And no, apparently noone confirmed this on a sane setup, as proved by the screenshots referred to in this debate.

Again, and to end this for LA, most people don’t do that. And that thread is really diverse in itself. There are people that state ‘i use nothing’, and people who don’t even post in that thread. That thread is not Wilders…

Topic splitted from Phide.exe rootkit bypassed Defence Plus

Sure, threads can take new directions, yet I think my first post was motivated since the thread suddenly treated Wilders etc. Besides the “tone” suddenly became a bit unfriendly. Now let’s end this while I’m still in my friendly mode.


Let me state again. Testing was done with CFP only. No TF, No GesWall,no Antivirus was there. It was a fresh XP snapshot. I did use ShadowSurfer to revert malware changes. Also I have Eaz-Fix instant recovery.

According to your Root Repeal screen shot it shows you had Geswall running.

…and your config. is also very common among “wilders people”:

Stardock :o >:-D ;D

on demand:

…you can easily fit there, like most of “us”.

I only use Sandboxie when needed. Not all the time do I sandbox my browser. I also do not sandbox games or my entire drive like some do.

I retested without any other security application. No fun of posting new snapshots. You don,t even bother to read the posts carefully.

Sorry if I missed something.

nah… you are born at wilders… >:-D

aigle, I highly appreciate your testing
keep it up :-TU and thank you for doing this

Sorry Sal your wrong. I only knew about Wilders after searching for help for NOD32 along time ago. Wilders is actually the forum for NOD32 help. If you want a good laugh just look at the “security set up” thread. I run a firewall and a virus scan. Thats it. I sandbox when I surf porn or warez.

ok Vettetech , Dieselman,… >:-D