Don't Know Password. HELP!?

I Don’t Have A Password For My Comodo Security Program :embarassed:…If You Tell Me To Request My Password…But…I Can’t. See, I Got My Computer From Everette High School Lansing, Michigan In A free Program In Which The State Selected Kids To Get Free Windows 7 Starter/Inspiron mini 10. My Computer Came With The Comodo And I Can’t Use It…Or Delete It. I’ve Looked Through The Paperwork They Gave Me And There Was No Password… :-\ So How Could I Get It ? Help PLEASE!

Try following this guide.

It worked for me. If you are having troubles, I can help.

I dont understand why to set a password in CIS if it can be reverted that easily.
Not very secure from a security company and a security software.

The idea is for LUA accounts which I use it for.

You need a Admin account to reset it.


Yeah, well… not all of the CIS users have Limited accounts.
Majority has Admin, so even children or employess can disable the password that easily.