Don't know if this is comodo...

Hello all :slight_smile:

I recently downloaded comodo IS Premium and everything is going fine so far, only there is one little thing.

Before I go on I am a novice to IS (as in I don’t understand much about computers and don’t have a clue as to the different options available on commodo-though I am learning bit by bit)

Anyhow I basically use pay as you go internet and have a three dongle and as I am unemployed at the moment I can only really afford 20 pounds per month for top-up.

Now I do understand that if I change some options it will compromise the level of security with regards to using the internet but it seems that having comodo on the defult settings (as in the settings not being altered since I put it on my computer) seems to be eating up the gb pretty quickly-which would be fine if I had better options if I had a job, but at the moment it seems to be eating up my gb.

You see I top up 10 pounds each time which gives me 1gb (I know it’s really ■■■■ but as I said before I am on limited income folks) but I wondered if there is anyway I could change the settings (I know at great risk to my computer, however, I go onto trusted websites that I’ve been using for years and don’t just wonder off onto unknown or new sites-nor do I click on links unless I know what they are-besides I use internet for e-mailing and stuff like ebay and amazon and sometimes facebook and then for maximum 2 hours a day) so that less of the 1gb is used up.

On the other hand it might be something else and not comodo but hey I don’t know how to check ???

Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question and I am not blaming comodo at all-rather the limited 1-2 gbs that I can afford at the present time. Yes I know dongles are a massive pain up the behind but sometimes you gotta take the best option available for you :-[

Thanks for reading this.
Regards S.

I don’t know if it’s CIS, but you can try to disable Cloud Scanner.
Open CIS, tab Defense+, Defense+ Settings.
Tab Execution Control Settings, uncheck “perform cloud based behavior analysis” and “auto scan uncognized files in the cloud”.

These steps will greatly reduce CIS’s bandwidth usage.

You could also turn off automatic AV updates,but this places the onus of responsibility back on you to manually update at regular intervals.

Ewen :slight_smile:

you should make a flat rate! when i read “20 pounds”, i see a flat rate… your contract is unfair for you.

i use an antivirus that loads usually around 100 kB as an update per day. once per day. its avira free personal edition.

if you disable all the things in comodo (cloud ect) that could send data, and use such an antivirus, you should be fine and protected. (in the case, disable the antivirus part of comodo)

comodo firewall and defense+
avira free personal edition (for “non commercial” using free)
are both top products in tests.

use the expert mode view, to see all possible settings in avira (easy to understand).