Don't Know How To Undo What I Done

months ago, i disabled Defense +. i had the Policy Based HIPS of Defensewall, the Behavior Analysis of Prevx Edge, and Sandboxie. so along with my rather boring surfing and download habits and a Trendnet hardware Firewall, i considered it a fair bet that my box was at low risk of infection.

i recently decided to unburden my box of Sandboxie, but want to re-enable Defense + to monitor RPC/DNS, Driver installation, and disk access, but for the life of me i cannot not re-enable it! i tried rechecking the boxes i had unchecked (well the ones i want D+ to monitor), setting the ‘slider’ to “Clean PC” mode, i even went into the installer to see if i could reinstall D+. not even the Help topic was not much help! Help…please! :a0


go to D+ settings, on the tab marked general settings UNtick “deactive D+ permently”, then restart

It may also be worth setting your configuration to “Proactive Security”, then all the Defence+ monitor boxes are checked and you can select which you want or leave them all √ed


wow! not only are you fast, you’re ■■■■■■ good! bleedin checkbox was hiding in plain view. i don’t know how i missed it!

anyway…resolved, D+ is humming along relearning my system within the context of what i am allowing it to monitor. great job and thanks! :smiley:


i will probably leave as is. i have a lot of time spent in previous configurations that i would lose if i went to Proactive. thanks for the tip anyway.