Don't Isolate application again suggestion

When a user checks the Don’t Isolate application again, should Comodo restart the app unisolated?

I think it could be useful.

I voted Yes.

+1 :-TU

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what if a piece of malware gets isolated then the user clicks the dont isolate button. then the malware will be allowed to run. i think this would make it easier to get infected by user mistake.

I voted other:

Suggestion 1: Add a check-box which says something about restart application, when this is ticked and you click the “Do not isolate application again” (at the moment I don’t have the exact quote) then the program will restart, if it is not ticked then the program will not restart.

Suggestion 2: What OP says but change the text to something like “Do not isolate application again and restart the application” of course this can be changed to sound better but you get what I mean.

Suggestion 3: Have one text that reads “Do not isolate application again” and under it have another text that says “Do not isolate application again and restart the application”

So basically while I agree that we should have a restart feature in the pop-up, I also think that we need to make it clear that it will restart the application.

i agree with both of you, but we should have an option to restart the app using CIS. maybe have two check boxs?

I voted yes. It’s annoying to have to restart the app yourself. I see no need for any other options since if someone allows something the first time, they will allow it again 99% of the time.

This is the reason i voted no.

Unless your constantly downloading and installing unknown programs the chances of this happening on a regular basis is slim to none. Happen to me once. I clicked “do not isolate again”. After I doubled clicked the installer again. No big deal. Took a mere 2 seconds. wasgiji6 is 100% correct. CIS is actually saving noobs from themselves.

Like I said, a user like that will just restart the app again manually after choosing to not isolate it so there really is no difference in that regard.

I voted other

I think the default is the best for majority

But I think for experts it would be good if in advanced settings autosandbox options i.e where we can select partial, limited etc… below that there should be a dropdown options like autosandbox actions like

Default - current option i.e autosandbox
Ask - give a popup i.e allow, sandbox (default) & block

I find dont isolate option for experts i.e majority dont use it i.e till the time majority wait for the app to load the popup disappears. And if the app doesn’t load then the only option is to go to unrecognized files & believe me majority dont know this (from the experience of frds & cousins, I didn’t explained this to them & yet no complaints from them) Offcoz those who knows will go & remove it from there or make trusted.

This option is debatable, some will find good as it is & some will like it to open unlimited on clicking dont isolate.

The suggestion I posted in my previous post I find better but thats my opinion.

or I think on the autosandbox popup there should be more options & under that 2 options should be there, the current one i.e dont isolate & dont isolate & run unlimited ( unknowing users may click dont isolate without knowing its effects so I think the current option dont isolate will be better under more options too.)

You can’t protect users from their own stupidity. In any case as it works currently if the user clicks Don’t Isolate Again then the next time they run whatever triggered the malware they’ll be infected.