Don't expand application list by default

I’d prefer if firewall applications list is not expanded by default. It’s very hard to list apps and the list looks virtually longer and harder to read. If anyone wants to view any specifc app, it can be expanded anytime.
I think this shouldn’t represent a lot of work and could be done for next program release.

This is how it looks like now…

…and this is how i’d like to see this list.

Second image looks much better right? The list is not as long and cluttered so you find the app you’re looking for faster and you can then expand just that application’s submenu.
I like how other firewalls have a very simple applications management menu, but in CIS it looks so complicated and hard to read just because it’s expanded by default.

:-TU It would improve readability of the list. Maybe also add a “collapse/expand all” button to the window?

Yes. This collapse/expand button is also a good idea.

Just double click on Application name and it will collapse/expand all branches.

As for the main idea I think it is better like it is now since if you have a lot of Custom rules then you can’t see right away if the application is allowed or blocked.

It could be added as option, for example as a tick box in Application rules window ‘Expand all by default’.

+1 Absolutely.

Similer request in GUI Wishlist.

Well a zillion thanks fOrTy_7. I’ve been longing for this and had no idea that it was there. It would be nice to have had a button though, so nobody had missed it, since it seems the function is already implemented in the application.

A nice addtion though, it would be if any time you open the window you found everyone of the entries just in the same state you left them (collapsed of extended).

+1 :-TU