Don't display "Please Join our Forums" for logged-in users

The forum displays the “Please Join our Forums” button even for users who have joined already and are logged in. See screenshot.

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I also agree on this point. It is confusing to have the ‘Please Join our forums’ but also the Reply, Mark as Read, etc. buttons are grey. I thought I was timed out of my session or I had to activate my registration maybe until I saw it said I was logged in 22minutes and then found this post that the "please Join our Forums’ icon never goes away even when you register and log in. In addition to removing the icon, the ‘Reply’, Mark as Read’… buttons should be a different color when logged in so they can distinguished from the grey background they are on


I’m afraid this is something that needs to be fixed by SMF code change, maybe it’s even fixed in version 2.


Yeah, that’s funny COMODO asks a participant to join again.
Then why plural form ‘forums’?. We have a writing on the uppermost right corner “WELCOME TO THE COMODO FORUM” in the singular form. So do we have FORUM or FORUMS?

Comodo does have a Chinese only forum. Maybe they want you to join that one also :stuck_out_tongue: JK

and +1 for removing that Sign for logged-in users.


+1 I still see it. >:(

If I may guess it’s not going to go away, if you don’t like this feature I think you need to ask on the SMF forum for a change as it’s their code that’s causing this ‘issue’.
Or you can write a greasemonkey script to get rid of it, and post the link to it for others to use :wink:

Oh, I thought Comodo designed the theme. Anyway I removed it using my AdBlocker

That’s also an option.

I found a thread about this from 2008 on the forums? Wow, 4 years and no one could figure out how to go into the html of the forum and remove the image and link? lol

I used Stylebot on Chrome to remove it :slight_smile:

I actually forget it is even there.

An Easy fix is to get addblock extension and block joinforum button

If you’re using firefox you can add:

[at]-moz-document domain("") 
img[src*="join_forum_bttn"] { display:none !important }

In the code replace [at] with the actual [at-bypass] sign!

To userContent.css. Just create a folder called chrome in your profile directory, then create a text file and rename it userContent.css within the chrome folder. Add the lines above, save and restart the browser.

Added [at-bypass] - JoWa

Thanks I use Opera As primary browser and if sites have issues I use Dragon

Do you know why I keep getting message popup for corrupt recycle bin when running Comodo Dragon Virtual version 24.02
os is win 7 64 bit and have ccleaner link to recycle bin?

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