Don't change config!!! Major bug.

I have been using Comodo as Firewall only, and accidentally changed config to “Internet Security” (it happens quite easily, if you right click the icon and wonder what the config stuff is and try to click any of them). If I want to change back to “Firewall only” again, it requires a restart. Ok then. But after that, my biggest fear came true: It had forgotten my entire rules set, which I had spent hours tweaking. Thanks a lot. In this situation i also REALLY wonder why there seems to be no way to save a backup of the present configuration, at least the rules set?

Does anyone know how to improve this manually, e g there’s a file “COMODO - Firewall Security.cfgx” in the program directory, that sounds like it might be a config file? Can’t find anything in the “C:\Documents and Settings.…\Application Data” dir that sounds like a config file. I will NOT use Comodo firewall again without being able to backup the rules.

Can you imagine how ■■■■■■ off I am?

But you can do that.
I dunno what’s wrong on your side but I switch a couple of times between Internet/Proactive/Firewall Security and everything was OK.

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Hi DavidGGG,

Yes I can I happened to me also a few times in the past, sad thing is I was never able to reproduce to Dev’s could fix it :-\

You can backup your configuration by going to More → Manage my configurations, select your profile you wish to backup and click “Export” save that file somewhere, and if later on something goes wrong you can import that again.

I make backups after every big change or like once a week, It’s no fun rebuilding a 250 apps config…

Yep, I managed to find the “export” section now, must have searched in the wrong places before. That will help me sleep at night… :wink:

** Update: **

…the adventure wasn’t over at that! The next day I discovered 3 file sharing apps had stopped working (eMule, SoulSeek and Tixati). Totally dead. I finally found the remedy: uninstall Comodo. Apparently it somehow remembered that I had put these 3 apps in a separate zone (requiring VPN active), although the zone had vanished from the settings. Just exiting Comodo didn’t do it.

I realize people who don’t back up their rules set are either dumb or overly optimistic, but I had searched for the backup feature without finding it. Will use it for sure now, once it’s up again. new to the forums and was just wondering if anybody could help me here please.i was using my computer earlier and for some bizarre reason comodo wouldnt allow me to access the task manager or several other windows functions.i tried to shutdown my computer but i was denied,apparently i didnt have the correct out of curiousity i changed my configuration from proactive to internet security and hey presto everything was fine.but then when i returned to proactive it happened again.i hadnt altered any the end i have used the system restore and everything is back to normal.could anybody be so kind as to explain why this occured?thank you…

Hi Darren,

That’s very difficult to say based on this information, Defense+ is a very powerful app and there are also many things that can go “wrong”. Did you by any chance answer something with “Block” before that happened?

hi ronny. i think what happened is i went into my computer security policy and in the windows system applications section i think i was just trying out different settings and somehow that had caused defence+ to stop me from using very glad to say that comodo is behaving now hahaha.i absolutely love this program i think it is not too sure if i have it configured to its full potential.i have left it on default settings.thank you so much for your reply.all the best to you ronny. :-TU