Domain recognition – My Network Zones

Hello everyone, I’m new round here and also to Comodo which I think is brill BTW!
I’m using Firewall Pro V 3.025.378 on my ‘puter that is wired LAN to a domain server that allocates a DHCP address. (This is a full on domain server not a router)
I’ve added the network zone for the LAN and edited the Address for A Host Name to reflect that of the server.
However, upon each boot, Comodo asks if I want to join a new domain etc. This seems to fly in the face of what I would expect. The Exclude box is NOT checked (checked that!) .
I could allocate the DHCP Range of IP addresses but not necessarily the MAC address of the server as this can change (swap out LAN card/server etc)
Any ideas why I’m struggling with the host name and suggestions to resolve?

Separately, in the pop up window when a new application attempts to communicate, I have, on occasion, clicked on the wrong answer in remember my answer drop down list or, at some later point, I want to amend the specifics i.e. it’s not an FTP client, it’s trusted application – is there a simple way to do this? (Assuming I remember the application file name)
Thanks in advance

I didn’t understand the issue with Network Zones so I’m not sure if this could help you.
CFP 3.0.25 has a bug that prevent it to save custom-edited network zones in Firewall > Common tasks > My Network Zones.
Clicking apply ther won’t save them and after a reboot you won’t find your modified Zones in Firewall > Common tasks > My Network Zones dialog.

It is possible to workaround this issue by manually exiting CFP (right-click CFP tray icon and choose the Exit menu entry).

To modify the choice you made using Trat as Drop down list you need to access the corresponding policies in Advanced Section of CFP.

Firewall policies are under Firewall Tasks > Advanced >Network Security Policy
HIPS policies are under Defense+ Tasks > Advanced > Computer Security Policy