Domain Name Lookup

Hi, at first place I must thank you for CIS Free, with which I’m really satisfied. But as a feedback I must provide one suggestion. This suggestion lays on show not only IP address in dialog asking for action when application w/o rule tries connect or be connected. There wil be really handy if a second level domain could be looked up and shown beside with IP. Who is able to remember if shown IP is really from “” domain? And how many home users is able to do it by own hand? I think that there will be big improvement if user will see “ []” instead of just IP. Many times I don’t have time to stop what I do and look up whom shown address is. But if I immediatelly see that Explorer is trying to connect to “ [xx.xx.xx.xx]”? Really helpful in such situation, do you agree? As addition can be also second level domain implemented in rules. By the same example I don’t need specify IPs for each one MS server, but allow whole “” for access. But as rule is not so important as a information in connection dialog. Can you think about implementation of such feature? It will be really appreciated.
Have nice day
Roman Sokol


it had been wished for 200 times before :slight_smile: and yet to be fulfilled :frowning:

Should happen that for 201 times it will be successfull ;D Maybe I can ask directly someone from Comodo team why they refuse this valuable feature?