Domain logon fails with Comodo enabled


I am having trouble with a windows 2k machine, I install CPF and log on as local admin no probs.

I have setup the firewall to allow the subnets we use - allowing IP Any in and out, Any to Any. When I try and log on as a domain profile I get as far as “Loading your personal settings” and everything stops!!!

I have tried removing all but the block rule then adding an Allow out, IP All, Any to Any and a seperate Allow in, IP Any, Any to Any - Both above the block rule effectively bypassing the firewall? - and it still fails to log on!!!

I even tried removing all but the block rule then making this block rule an allow rule - then disabling all other compents (App Mon & Comp Mon) but no joy!

Oh, if I Turn Off Net Mon I can log on - Also, if I remove the network cable I can log on??

Anyone out there give me a clue??


Welcome to the forum!
If you are behind a router/use a network between your computers, you should make a trusted zone, and CPF will put in the rules in network monitor for you.
Go to security/tasks and add a zone, and then define a trusted network, where you choose the zone you created.
This should work for you.

Thanks for the suggestion AOwl, I tried defining a trusted zone but this didn’t help??!!

I had the idea of logging on as the domain account with the network cable unplugged, then connect it and try and get to a network share - This produced blocks in the log due to fragmented UDP packets?? These were being blocked by “Protocol Analysis”, when i unticked this option I could then log on perfectly!!

Does this sound like it should be the case?


Yes, I think some routers need those fragmented packets. I will let someone else answer if there is another way to do this. I’m glad that it worked for you.

Is there maybe a setting in the router that you can change?

After making exact the same settings in the router, windows and CPF it works like a charm for me.
I use static internal IP’s.
I did have to remake the network in windows in each computer to get it to work.

Hi. I’m having problems with domain login too. I tried everything, even activated “Allow All” but had no luck. Only uninstalling CFP solved the problem. I think the problem in CFP itself, cos “Allow All” must mean “Allow All”. I like CFP very much, but I cant use it at workplace because of this issue.