Doing the update manually, and I have concerns already! help!!

**am I following correctly with getting each of the many new updates, ( for firewall, CISP, Antivirus, etc) procedure wise?? see my screen print.
** (does my screen print show that I downloaded the correct update?)
**DO I need to turn anything off prior to installing the update?
**Why does my installed Malwarebytes, recognize this update as a trogen???
**Can I ask why the automatic updater is not working with this new version,? (I’m no IT person, just a 60 yr old. user in his home.)

Also, is any one of these updates going to change my browser? and or, force me to always use Comodo Dragon when I browse??? :o :-TD
Because there are times when I don’t want to use Dragon. I like having the choice, to use dragon or not.

I can’t install the latest updates manually or automatically, For when I try manually and individually, Malwarebyets recognizes the procedure as a Trojan and stops it! What is going on!!!
Before COMODO worked wonderfully with Malwarebytes! I never expected to have this issue come up with COMODO!!! I’m quickly getting disappointed with COMDOD, and I have always bragged about COMODO< and my CIS premium to others. Yikes??? :-\

SOS!!! Please some body!!

No they’re not. It’s up to you whether you use Dragon or not . . . installing isn’t the same as using

Edit: To put reply in context

Okay! That helps me understand better, really. Thank you! :-TU :smiley: May I ask you this so, that I understand more about this update, as I’m just a 60 yr old user, inside a residence, and not a business, or IT person. I am using windows 7, on a 64 bit machine:
1.) Is this update perhaps not needed by everyone, maybe me? and can I then just get the needed definitions updated, etc., and not a complete updated version? For I like the control panels and interaction panels, of the version I have now, and would I then be still fully protected?

  1. If I’m looking in the correct place on my computers, I’m using Windows7, and I don’t see anything with the words Comodo Firewall, that i would uncheck. ?? :-\ help here also please,… see attachment.
    Or should I be looking in Comodo’s firewall tab and not window’s 7’s internet settings??? Or Comodo’s advanced settings? Honestly, I don’t understand a word I read in the advanced settings display! help me set that up correctly also, please!!!
    Or should I turn off Comodo’s firewall completely during the updates, and then reactivate it??? :-\ Obviously I’m not following along, some one lead me by the hand please!!!

  2. Could the following be true, and maybe apply to me? The following info was a reply, sent to my post, I admit, I do not understand fully enough to follow it :cry: : :frowning: :frowning: please help admin. help by ‘expanding’ on the instructions below so, that a novice, like me, can better accomplish them. Thank you!

Perhaps you do not have update servers registered in the General Settings → Updates → Proxy and Host Setting, look in the topic.
The upgrade option is offline from a full offline CIS distro. Before that, make export a backup copy of the CIS configuration for possible import later.
Another option is a clean install from a complete offline distro and then import the settings.
But before updating, think about whether you need this update given its bugs?

Hi, I’m not sure if I choose the correct location for this post, please move it if need be, thank you. I am a 60 yr old male with a wife who has ill health, I’m a home user, not a IT person at all. My computers have windows 7 and are 64 bit. I use firefox. I have Malwarebytes installed and Glarysoft utility also. I like the protection CIS gives my computers! I admit I do not understand all the features and tools, or how to use them, or set them up properly. And that is just one reason I am posting these questions.
** If any of you here, also use Malwarebytes and Glarysoft utility with comodo. do you then have issues with comdo’s HIPS, where HIPS blocks Glarysoft functions and also Malwarebytes? and other programs?
For that is what is happening on my computers and i would like to know if I am alone,?
and do I need to make changes some where in my computers ?
and if so, where and how to do that?
Help please!
Also, Malwarbytes has labeled a update from Comodo as a Trojan! see attachments. could this be true or do I need to make corrections? and if so, how? and do what?
I have attached some screen prints of what I am talking about.

It is a false positive by Malwarebytes. The domain belongs to Comodo. Adtrust media is a subsidiary of Comodo for the discontined Privdog adblocker.

You can safely allow the file flagged Malwarebytes. All scanners will sometimes flag legitimate files as (potentially) malicious. It comes with the territory. Making AV definitions relies heavily on automated analysis and this may incidentally fail.

You are using the online installer which with default settings will also download Comodo Dragon browser. The installer has a button named Options. Under Options → Components you can choose which extras to install. The extras are Comodo Dragon Browser, Secure Shopping and Internet Security Essentials. See this tutorial for reference.

Another way around this is using the offline installer as posted in the release topic. It won’t download anything and will only install CIS (Firewall and AV).

EreicJH, I send a very big thank you to you! Your reply helped so much! Now I better understand what I needed to do, and what not to worry over. Thank you!!
Eric, I have a new questions for you. Those are:
A) with which manual download will I get the widget and the Comodo icon in my tool tray? I like those! And I depended on them with all my previous versions. Will these simply appear once the install has completed, and thus like before, I will know for certain the installation is complete?
B) I really liked being able to drag into the scanning ‘square’ to have files scanned. That was super, and so simple!! Thank you for that feature!
C) I also liked the rotating control panel, that I could access all feature of Comodo. Will these be in the new version I’m downloading?

Thank you. I am glad I could clear things up for you.

With a manual download and installation you will get the Widget and the Comodo tray icon. During the installation you can tick to start the the widget with Windows.

There is a bug with displaying the tray icon which also happens with some other applications. I have seen it happen with Anydesk. Sometimes the tray icon will not show but it still is present in the tray area. You will see an open spot in the tray area and when you right click on it you will get the right click menu of CIS. To make the icon visible again right click and choose Exit. Then start CIS again with the shortcut on the desktop or start menu.

You will get notified when the installation is ready and done. Whether you do a manual install or use the updater they provide the same version of CIS. When doing a manual installation make sure to export your current configuration to a folder outside the CIS installation folder. When needed you can import and activate it afterwards.