Doing a Full Scan!?!!?

So I approach my PC and it is ON and cranking-away on the hard drive(s), and after some noodling I determine from the CIS View Logs that apparently a Full Scan is running since 3+ hours ago, and I believe this because the line under Tasks showing Parameter “Full Scan” does not show as Completed.

  1. Is there really no way to tell that a Full Scan is running other than what I did (open COMODO, click Tasks then View Logs then Tasks again to see list that includes lastly “Full Scan”)? Is there no other way to see that CIS is doing this?

  2. Also, what if I now find it distracting to have this Full Scan running, when I want to do some work on the computer? Is there any way to Abort or Pause the Full Scan it is doing? It is running no doubt because it was Scheduled, and it started this morning after the PC was awakened for its daily Windows backup to Server.

  3. So it’s running and I can’t stop it or pause it, but can I at least see anywhere in CIS where it is in the process i.e. 10% complete or 90% complete?

EDIT: Well, duh I’m an idiot I failed to have the CIS Task Manager Widget running where it tells all, including running Status, and also has a Pause or Stop button.

I apologize for taking-up this uneeded bandwidth! I simply need to keep the Show Status Pane checked in the Widget. :-[