Doesn't keep the Alert up ?


When there is an application trying to connect for the first time (ex: for an AutoUpdate), CPF blocks the application and prompt a message box. But if I’m not in front my PC at this moment to allow the action, the AutoUpdate stops because of timeout and the CPF’s message disappears. So if I don’t check the logs I don’t know about it, and I have to do it manually.

Is there an option to keep the message box even if the event has stopped ?

I’m using the latest version


I think the best you can do is to increase the pop-up timeout from 120 seconds (the default) to 300 seconds (the maximum). Security button - Advanced tab - Miscellaneous section - Configure.

But, I think you may be right… perhaps there should be an option to keep the popup there until you clear it. Perhaps, you should add this to the CPF whish list.