doesn't allow normal boot, creates account restriction

Dell dimension e521, amd athlon 64 x2 dual core, 3800 2 ghz. 1gb ram. XP pro, sp2.
comodo firewall v. 3.8.64739.471, avira antivir 8. winpatrol are security progs running.

i recently installed comodo firewall. the next day i started getting intermittent problems logging on my computer. normally i turn on computer and via “control userpassword2” automatically log in to my account.

now, when i boot, i get the “unable to log you on because of an account restriction” message. i click ok, it takes me to the user login screen, where i click on on of the two accounts (mine, which is an admin account, with null password, and a restricted account with null password). when i click on either account, it tells me it is the wrong password and takes me back to the “unable to log…” screen. at this point i hit the windows key>turn off computer>reboot , and i get to my desktop, as it should.

i have uninstalled comodo, and rebooted twice. no problem now.

i see posts about this problem in other comodo forums.

please let me know if the problem is resolved.

I found a temporary work around for Windows XP Pro SP3 until Comodo fixes this problem.
Here’s what I did:

(1) Turn off “Automatic Updates” in Comodo settings.

On my system, Comodo would try to perform an update before the internet network had started. It would then open maximized rather than staying minimized in the system tray.

It also removed the autologon switch (described below) in the registry.

(2) Using Start/Run/regedit.exe, export this registry key as a backup if things go wrong:
(Or backup the entire registry if this makes you feel better)

 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

(3) Using regedit, modify the key above as follows:

If this does not exist (which it did not for me),
create string “AutoAdminLogon” (without quotes).
Setting for Value Data: [1 = Enabled] (a value of zero “0” is disabled. Require a logon to start Windows).

(4) Exit regedit.

(5) Restart Windows.

Autologon has been working fine and Comodo has stayed minimized during startup ever since I made these changes.

Since Comodo does not change this product often, I’m ok with checking for updates manually now and then.

Hopefully, they will fix this bug so Comodo does not change things it shouldn’t like deleting the registry string “AutoAdminLogon”.

mouseissue, interesting idea. don’t know if it makes a difference, but i am running xp pro sp2.

I never saw comodo maximized when i booted the computer. and if it was doing autoupdate, that setting slipped by my attention, since i don’t let any programs auto update.

i’ll wait a while before trying comodo again, to see if i get Any response from another thread that is about this same topic, not in the bug section. or if i hear that there is a fix for the issue.

update: after a week or so of comodo not installed, and having no login issues, i reinstalled comodo on sunday. this is thursday, and after 9 boots, so far, no problem.

well, i take it back. computer booted fine this morning. this evening, log in problem again. had to go through routine of trying to log in, failure, reboot.