Does v5 let applicatins out automatically

Earlier today, I installed v5 with the net physically disconnected and it clobbered Daemon Tools (posted in the bug section) so I reinstalled v4x to get it running again. Then I became concern about what changes have been implemented with the new version, which I should have inquired about before installing it in the first place.

With v5, are there any settings that let applications out to the net automatically without the users permission? Like in v3, you had to change the firewall to “Custom Policy Mode”. This was carried over in v4x and Comodo loosen the reins even more with the “All Applications” rule, that let every app out. That caused major problems which I’m trying to avoid with v5x. Could someone please tell me if there are any default settings that need to be disabled to prevent apps from getting out? Thanks.

With v5 set the firewall to Custom Policy Mode. I am not quite sure if you would also need to enable “Create rules for safe applications”. You will find out.