Does uninstall undo the changes


This is too much work, and complicated. Especially when installing or updating. I have to keep clicking ok (or whatever it is, allow) during the installation even in Safe Mode, and Installation Mode. And in the middle of an update, the update just stoped downloading and the firewall no longer shows in/out (red/green) activity.

When I uninstall this, does it undo all the changes (block, etc.) that it has made?

Thank you.
Comodo Pro
Windows XP Home SP2 IE6

Hello Jud68, Welcome to the forums (:HUG)
Yes when you uninstall Comodo so to will the rules you have created.

There are 2 kinds of pop-ups, Firewall and Defense+. Although Defense+ is in Safemode\Installation mode you will still get alerts for it.
You could put Firewall in training mode while you do the update (You should only have to do it once) then make sure to switch it back to Safe mode. By doing this the Firewall will assume that what your doing is safe and will create rules for them and remember them.

Hi Kyle,

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OK, I will try putting firewall in training mode and see what happens.

I was attempting an update on Revo Uninstaller and in the middle of the update download, the update just stopped downloading and the firewall no longer shows in/out (red/green) activity. Any clue as to why it just stops downloading? Tonight when I again attempted to update it, I get an error message to connect to the internet (I was) or that my firewall is blocking it. It is not, I don’t think. It is ticked as allow under Application Rules. Does this sound like something Comodo is doing, or the update.


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To check what comodo is blocking -
Comodo → Firewall → Events.

I am not familiar with Revo so I cannot help you there… Maybe try downloading the update from the website?

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Comodo is not blocking Revo Uninstaller so it must be something in their download that’s just not right. Yeah, I’ll try the manual download too.

Thanks much for your help. Have a good evening/day, wherever you are.

You’re very much welcome (:HUG)

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