Does Trustfax have service in UK?

I am newly here, I don’t know where to go for my concerns, here is my story:

I need to fax a purchase invoice to HP on 14th-Mar-2007, so i register a Trustfax Power User as a trail membership(which can send 5pages), but when I want to send the invoice over trustfax, tried a few times, but it didn’t succeed, then I gave up and went to a local shop to send it. But I forgot to cancel my trustfax account, until yesterday when I looked at my credit card bills, trustfax charged me $29.95 on 13th of Mar.

I know is my mistake that I didn’t cancel the account, but since trustfax doesn’t have service or not be able to service correctly in UK, how can trustfax offer the account for UK users on the website and charge the fees. ???Thanks.

it doesn’t…

but it definitely should!!!


if it doesn’t have serive in uk, how can they charge me money from my account???

just because it does not have UK phone numbers, does not mean that you can’t buy a US service and use that US phone number to send and receive faxes.

If you have any issues, send an email to the support guys, they will deal with it asap.