Does TrustConnect in CIS prevent someone from tapping your computer?

I suspect someone might be tapping my computer and was considering buying a device to prevent that, but I was wondering if TrustConnect prevents a computer from being tapped?

The item I was considering buying was here: #1 Spy Store! Shop Spy Equipment, Spy Gadgets, Gear & Devices
The device website says, “when used on a computer with a modem installed, this unit ensures that your data transfer from the modem is secure; when the modem is in use all extensions are temporarily cut off.”

Please let me know if it is worth $200.00 to buy a phone security item from this website to prevent tapping or if TrustConnect on CIS already does what these devices claim.

Thank you.

(I have been using Norton Internet Security along with SpyShelter, but just ordered CIS because my computer only scored 240/340 on the Comodo leak test.

Hi nickh,

Can you please expand a bit more on what you think is “tapped”?

What TrustConnect does is build a SSL encryption tunnel to a Comodo server near you.
All traffic that originates your PC during the TC session is encrypted.
This will prevent eaves dropping on the wire between you and the Comodo server(s).

But that’s on the IP layers of the transport, that has nothing to do with “tapping” your phone-line.

Thank you for replying.

My concern is that someone might be tapping my wired DSL connection so they can monitor everything that is going in and out of my internet connection.

If this is not something that TrustConnect can prevent, do you think the product that I gave a link to in my previous post could prevent this?

I also saw another potential option, but it is software. It is called, “Easy-Hide-IP”. The description says, “…people can view your on-line browsing, ie can see every page you have visited. Easy-Hide-IP protects you from this by routing your browsing through 3 random servers throughout the world ending in a location of your choice.” “…On your ISP’s log file, only the IPs of the remote servers will be shown, not the sites you have visited.” One year costs about $30.00

Can you please let me know your recommendations in a situation like this, so both I and others who read this post can refer to your advice?

Thank you again.

Trustconnect encrypts all traffic, so sniffing on the wire is pointless.
So yes that would help you out. Just make sure you read the speed and data limits that are in place for some types of subscriptions.

Easy-Hide seems to aim a bit more on hiding behind multiple IP’s where as Trustconnect’s hosts are identifiable as such. I can’s seem to find Encryption in this tool so I think it only proxies your request.

What you need is Trust-Connect or something similar that uses Encryption in transport.