does this replace network magic

Hi , I’m new at networking and was going to buy network magic. Then I came across this.
I want to set a home network to link 2 pc’s at the moment(cabled) with shared pc has a connected printer and I need to set up the wi-fi for connecting an xbox 3 rooms away.
I will also need to share files between the 2 pc’s.
Will this software do the job? Do it well? and give me secure settings?
I also have comodo firewall set up on both pc’s too.
Or do I need to go and buy Network magic?

Unfortunately it won’t - they (EasyVPN and Network Magic) are designed to do two entirely different things.

Network Magic is designed to sniff, discover and map your local network. From this info you can easily use Network Magic to make or break connections between devices and/or manage the devices discovered. It is a tool to simplify the management of a LAN.

EasyVPN is designed to make a secure VPN connection between two or more PCs across the internet or across the room.

Doesn’t Network Magic have a trial version?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes network magic does have a trial but trials dont always work well …lol
So what I want is something similar to network magic free if possible but otherwise I’ll have to purchase .
Heard some bad press about network magic since it was taken over by cisco! Do you know of anything out there that can do the same job …or a site to help me make all the connections myself.