Does this look like a virus? [Resolved]


I have been seeing the following in my log file and it does not look right to me but I am not an expert in these things. I have blocked the IP. Does this look like a virus on my computer?

Screenshot of the log file:

Thanks for any help.


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I am almost positive that that isn’t malware/a virus. Why?

  • the .exe (a program file) is in the Java directory, and it is named java.exe. Java is a known and safe program.
  • The IP it is connecting to is, I think, your own PC’s IP. No, I looked at the wrong column. It is connecting to some other IP, which off_belay says is in Romania… ???

I don’t know why it is trying to connect to you though…

Thanks. The thing that made me suspicious is that it is continuiously trying to send something to IP I did a reverse lookup on that IP and it is a site in Romania.

off_belay, could you upload the “java.exe” file to a file hosting site like and PM me the link (don’t post it as it may be malware)?

I think I figured this out. I had installed a Google gadget onto my home page that does an internet bandwidth test. I am pretty sure it was sending the requests. Thanks for the help.

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