Does the sandbox delete when all processes end?

I can’t find a delete sandbox option.

Go to Sandboxed Apps window into CCAV.
Then select “End Task” for all sandboxed processes. This action will end all sandboxed process.

Does it also empty it as well when it stops it?

Yes, because there is no such option.
After ending the processes, the all sandboxed windows are disappears.
So the “end” option cleans the sandbox.


not true or something is bad with the configuration.
Got 1.31 gb in c:\CCAV with no process in the sandbox.
will start to manual deteting the folder if the situation continues

sometimes you run an app that creates files which cannot be deleted without special permissions. Adobe is one example of this. Chrome might also be hard to delete.
If you ran an app like that in sandbox, those one or two files will cause the entire folder not to be autodeleted.
Manual deletion is the solution.