does the router firewall and XP firewall do enough?

hello i am new to the boards but have been a comodo user for awhile anyway i love Comodo Firewall but is it needed if you have a router the XP firewall on?

its just that everything pops up to access something and it gets annoying alot

i wasnt sure where to put this,

Hi, just check “remember” and the popups won’t bother you.

In my opionion, Comodo Firewall is very important, because you can control outbound connections. If your antivirus misses something nasty that wants to access the internet, XP firewall won’t care but Comodo will ask you. Also, I think it’s a matter of privacy - don’t just allow any program to access the internet!


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A hardware firewall(router) does it job pretty well against DoS attacks and stealthing ports, but only a software firewall lets you decide which program that might communicate over the Internet, to therefore, I strongly recommend you to download CFP!
A hardware firewall and a software firewall makes a good protection together!


Even if you don’t care about outbound defense, since XP firewall and routers have the same function (only inbound defense), isn’t it redundant to have both? Might as well disable XP firewall to save system resources.