does the new version include the anti buffer underrun? like the memory firewall


may i ask a question?

does the firewall include the anti buffer underrun feature?

like the memory firewall


Im very sure that the correct term is Buffer OverFlow Protection… And yes v4 does include it also.

but are you talking about comodo internet security or comodo firewall


Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Firewall both include Buffer Overflow Protection (as long as D+ is on)

I would like to add that, if

CIS-Defense±Advanced-Image Execution Settings-General-Detect Shell Code Injections

is ticked.

is CIS compatible with nod32 and avira?
on my desktop i have nod32
on my laptop avira


Yes it is, as long as the CIS AV inst installed.

i did not understand
should i disable the cis av , to have a avira/nod32 compatility?

You should only have 1 real time AV running at any time, So if you do install CIS AV, and you want to use another av like Avira or nod32, Disable CIS AV.

Hi there mantra,

The Comodo firewall is now part of the Comodo internet security suite together with the antivirus. While installing you can choose to install it together or install one component only.

As said before, you should make sure you this setting checked : Comodo → CIS-Defense+ → Advanced → Image Execution Settings → General → Detect Shell Code Injections

CIS can only be compatible with any other antivirus when you have Comodo antivirus DISABLED. You will need to uninstall this component to run it with for example NOD32 antivirus (not the internet security version), or avira free. Remember that you do not use 2 antivirusses/firewalls at the same time !

If you have any more questions feel free to ask,

ps : I think you’re talking about an anti - Buffer overrun instead of an underrun ?

yes right , i mean Buffer overrun , the old memory firewall feautre

by the way , can i install cis full , and disable the realtime antivirus , and use sometime the cis antivirus on demand?

this is because i read a lot of goods about the comodo av

thanks eXPerience

Hi mantra,

even though it is possible to do that, I would not advise you to do it. CIS is designed to work as 1 suite with all components working together. If you install it, but disable the component (disable the realtime scanning) you are weakening it’s protection (even if it’s minimum)

If you understand this and you do want to do it, it’s quite simple. Install the complete CIS suite (firewall+AV). Then disable the realtime scanning : CIS → Antivirus → settings → move the slider down to disabled

best regards,