Does the new(upcoming) version of CAVS support detecting & removing of Rootkit

Sorry if this was already ask before. I did a quick search but couldn’t find the answer.
Will the new CAVS have Rootkits Protection?
If not I hope Comodo will consider adding it before the final is release.

We are working on a rootkit scanner version.
However, i am not sure it will be ready when cav3 is ready.


Thnx for the reply Melih. Good to know that it is already in development. Is CAVS3 in the final stage(RC) of development/testing already?

Have you consider “acquiring” independent authored Rootkit Detectors to join Comodo(like BOClean) though many are written by Russian and Chinese. If Comodo had the funds to do so, maybe Comodo can hire acquire a few independent Rootkit Detectors developers to form a dedicated Rootkit R&D team.

If Comodo is tight on fund, Comodo may consider starting community support fund rising via merchandising. Even if Comodo isn’t tight on fund, Comodo may want to start this too cause I believe the community would be interested.

The merchandising purposes is to provide alternate revenue for Comodo and also serve as an “free” advertisement for Comodo by the community. It a way for the community to show their support and say “thank you” to Comodo for your dedication to bring to the community superior production for free.

First the community will have come up with a design for the merchandise. This will be in a form of a contest. Melih or other Comodo’s staff will make an announcement of the contest. Anyone from the community can come out with a design that will identify Comodo for the merchandise. The rules, team & conditions for the contest will be decide by Comodo staff. After the contest end, Comodo will post the designs submitted for the community to vote for which design they want for the merchandise. The winner get the honor to have his/her design to be officially use to identify Comodo for the merchandise.

The merchandise can be in a form of shirt, tower, mug, cap, etc. It out to the community and Comodo to decide what they/you want. Best to have a few range of products. The price will be decide by Comodo too. It’s best to see how much the community is willing to spent first though.

Hope to see the rootkit scanner version soon. ;D

Anyone who has an experience in writing for rootkit detection, pls forward me your details so that we can employ you. We are looking for people in this field actively.