Does the latest version of Comodo slow down downloads?

Because on some sites, its slow as hell.

I dont know if its Comodo or an XP update that’s slowed down my downloading.

It’s slow enough now lol (I’m on dialup), and quite a few sites, it starts off fine, but then goes backwards, and usually stops! I know its not related to spyware/trojans/'etc.

Anyone else having slow downloads??

Hi. No I can’t say I have. CPF hasn’t slowed me down at all but then I don’t have 56k either. Have you tried, (while downloading) to shut down CPF and see? You have a limited time according to tech standards “about 16 min” before you are considered in hacking range, so you could do that or keep XP firewall on and shut down CPF and see what happens as well.
I know 56k is slow , but backwards? That is VERY slow. You will in fact be putting everything BACK on the internet, lol. ;)Your modem may be having issues too or possibly your isp.

Just a note, XP when updating, turned the windows firewall back on even though I had CPF installed so I would check. Worst case scenario, do a system restore to before you got the updates and see if all is well. Then download one update at a time, try it out and if it works, download the other, if it starts again, you know which it was. Or save some more hassle, uninstall the windows update. Then check.


Is that a factoid? ;D I have always wondered about that myself; how long could someone be safe on the Internet without a firewall. I assumed it would be a “limited” time but have yet to find a definitive answer as to how long that really is… until now. And yes, I understand that you have provided a very ballpark answer as to what is considered to be in the hacking range. I just don’t remember ever seeing a number pinned to it. :slight_smile:

Speedy Gonzales,

As a fellow dialupper, I do not have your downloading problem. It is curios that you have problems with some sites but not all.

I’ve seen a time as short as 7 minutes quoted in a Gartner report, and as long as 30 minutes in others. Either way, if you walk around with your pants down, sooner or later, someone will notice!

ewen :slight_smile:

Hi. This does depend on other circumstances but in colleges and tech courses and for A+ training they stick to 16 min. However, As Ewen stated , it can range and it depends on many factors but there is a difference in browsing for a while, checking sites, or doing a quick test. For a quick test where I shut my firewall down, typically I will try to limit myself to 5 min max and noting a restore point or back up prior “just in case”. 16 min is\must be an estimation but there are technical reasons as why due to a time for your pc to be recognized. I would think with higher speeds this may be a bit of a lower number personally and why I say I stick to 5 min. Although, lol, here we go again, I have seen my son forget, leave his firewall off for hours and was fine. “highly unrecommended” . But once again, off Ewen’s quote, keep your pants pulled up :wink:


how long could someone be safe on the Internet without a firewall

I did install Windows XP original, without any service packs or hotfixes, no firewall, router or AV in a Vmware session. I did have a unique ISP provided IP (not the same as the host machine).

I did put it online. I only used Process explorer and Port explorer to see if anything suspicious was happening.
I checked with, PCflank,com and Sygate online scan. I only had three ports open. If I remember correctly I had port 1025, 5000 and one more which I cant remember now open the rest was closed and a couple where stealth. I checked the ports right after install so those where open by default before any infection could happen.
After two hours I got bored.

Maybe I did something wrong, but nothing happened for 8 hours (then I turned VMware off)

No, you got lucky.

It can happen.

It does happen.

It will happen.

But only to those who think it doesn’t happen and do nothing about covering their own arses.

ewen :slight_smile:

I agree, if it doesn’t happen, Lady Luck was in fact with you. Just because you don’t get spyware, malware or show signs of hacked, doesn’t mean you aren’t letting out valuable info. :wink: I think Ewen would agree, or many for that matter, it’s sort of a spin of the wheel and you may get lucky but eventually, you will get bit. As stated, I may be paranoid, but as even with testing, I limit to 5 minutes and I scurry to put my firewall back on. Paranoia? I don’t know. Even though my son didn’t get anything severe, his info could have been readily taken without us knowing it but was ■■■■ lucky not to have anything else. Just plain luck I think, nothing more. After me yelling at him for an hour, he won’t forget anymore. If someone doesn’t think this will happen, I know quite a few people who can tell you otherwise.


Just a mention, we are behind Nat which is the only thing that may have saved his rear. :wink:

I find myself with another MODIFY here: My son just informed me that I didn’t remember clearly, so he says but he claims was only off for about 20 minutes and I gave him a speal for over an hour. Either way, 20 min too long.(Just like his mom, has to be right) ::slight_smile: He also laughed at my 5 min, and said “yeah right, more like you go into a panic<no pun intended , and leave it off for a minute”. He insisted I put that here as I am once again, WRONG. Whisper>I still say 5 min though. :wink: