Does the installation of CIS v6 create the following file:

C:\Windows\system32{7995330B-E01F-4645-B702-53481E7CB778}.cmdfile ?

It was created around the time of the CIS installation, but I can’t find any mentions of it to Comodo online.

I’ve not seen this file created or left behind by CIS but that doesn’t mean it’s not. Have you tried opening the file in a text editor, as a cmdfile can be associated with windows scrip files amongst others.

Ah, yes. I tried that now:

-log -setupname “cispremium_installer.exe” -mode “cispremium” -type “alone” -sfx “C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\Downloads” -restore “C:\WINDOWS\system32\{1606DC18-9578-4cbd-8312-8E9868F06A1D}.conf” -dataroot “C:\DOCUME~1\User\LOCALS~1\Temp\cis3d7b587” -lang 1033

So it’s CIS related indeed. Is it safe to delete this file now?

I can only say I don’t have the file on the systems I’ve checked with CIS installed…

Ok, thanks. Hopefully someone might have some details on this and be able to tell what the script is meant for exactly.

I don’t see it here. For as far as I know this file is not needed. To be on the safe side of things rename it to a .bak file then see what happens.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and haven’t noticed any implications. Seems to make no difference.

Makes me very curious though. Is there any way to find out for sure what it’s for? Could the devs provide some kind of insight? Assuming it IS genuinely produced by Comodo and not by a malware, of course… I can pin point the creation of the file to be exactly at the same time as system events viewer reports a succesful removal of CIS v5, done automatically upon installation of v6.

The excerpt you posted points to an installer script. It also coincides with v5 getting uninstalled. For me that is enough circumstantial evidence it is an installer related script. Probably is you read the complete script you will see numerous references to CIS.

Probably is you read the complete script you will see numerous references to CIS.

That WAS the whole script though, not an excerpt.