Does the Firewall make enough of an Anti-Virus [RESOLVED]

Hey guys - just a quick question from me. Overall, I use Ubuntu, but occasionally I use my Vista or XP system. I’ve noticed the Comodo Anti-Virus isn’t available for Vista, and I don’t know why that is, but I noticed the firewall has a “Scan My System” function where it scans for Malware/Viruses, etc. I was wondering, seeing as I can’t have the Anti-Virus on this system, if the Firewall’s scanning function is sufficient enough to be used as an Anti-Virus in itself. Does it pick up as much as the full Anti-Virus, or is it only partial? Thanks,


the antivirus included in the firewall is only on-demand. Anyway, there should be a new beta version at the end of july (V3). It will also be on-acces in the firewall. And it will be called CIS (Comodo Internet Security) .


Ah, so a kind of AIO package is on the menu? Sounds great. I’ll be looking forward to it. Will it also run on vista?

Look here.

I know about the firewall - that’s what I stated I was using in my original post. I simply wanted to know if the virus protection in that picked up the same amount of viruses as the actual virus detection program, because the virus detection program won’t run on NT 6.0 (Vista).

The link was to tell you that its Vista compatible.

I was also aware that the firewall was Vista compatible - again, as I stated in the first post, that’s the product I’m using on Vista. The only thing I’m stating that isn’t Vista compatible is the Anti-Virus:

I was simply saying that because I’m stuck using the firewall, can it effectively replace the Anti-Virus through it’s scanning abilities?

I think your getting confused. There is an on demand malware scanner included in Comodo Firewall Pro. It is still new and is only on demand. Comodo Anti Virus is not Vista compaible and is separate from Comodo Firewall Pro. Comodo Anti Virus is also beta. Soon will be finished. Till then you need a good AV like NOD32 or Avast.

Ok, thanks, I understand. But Comodo Firewalls “On-Demand” also Malware scanner also scans for viruses (according to it) - is this a reliable On-Demand scan, or not really? (Sorry to be a bother, by the way)

I actually never use it. It good but your better off using SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes Anti Malware for on demand scanners.

Alright, thanks for the help.

I think the answer your looking for is yes phoenix910.

The all in one (codenamed CIS) will be fully compatable with Vista 32 and 64 bit.

As for the AV incorporated into the firewall,it is not to bad but the main drawback is it`s inability to scan single files etc,it either all or nothing.Be careful if you do scan with it as there where a few false positives early on so if anything is flaged get a second opion before you delete it.

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will CIS, Comodo Internet Security, remain a freeware when it will pass the beta phase?


@ Romeo - the answer is simple YES :slight_smile:

We are getting “off topic” So before I close this thread I will add my explanation:

Yes, Comodo Internet Security & Comodo Antivirus v3 will support both Vista/XP 64/32bit OS’s! Even in beta stages. Free? Off course! Melih has explained back in 2006; all “free” products will remain “free forever” and NEW free products like the up and coming CIS & CAV 3, and the current Comodo DiskShield, Comodo DiskEncryption, and future projects and developments will remain FREE! :slight_smile:

Thread Closed.