Does the Firewall ever update?

I have manually updated and it never finds an update and I have never seen anything pop up saying it has updated. How do I know. Have there been any updates to the Pro firewall lately?

No. The next update is version 3, which is probably a couple of months from now. Even then, it’s not recommended to update through the internal updater because it’s a huge version leap (from 2.x to 3.x). Best to uninstall this and install the new one.

Here’s a preemptive strike in case you ask:


But I would think there would have been occasional updates.

Devs haven’t released any updates for the past 8 months except for alphas & betas. Once 3 is finalized, I’m sure there’ll be updates to the safelist in addition to the program core files. Remember firewalls aren’t like anti-viruses/spyware/whatever because there are no “signature files”, only bug fixes and vulernability update patches that don’t come daily. In a sense, I prefer this.