Does The Comodo DNS Forum Have A Moderator And Several Other Comments/Questions?


Not to sound mean or anything, but I was wondering does the Comodo DNS Forum have a Moderator? ???

I notice a big lack of activity/responses in this forum especially, and I have noticed that several False Positives and Actually Malicious Websites have not been fixed or responded to for Comodo DNS or Comodo SiteInspector.

I also noticed that in my testing, so far Comodo SiteInspector (which has a nice appearance and helpful information about the scanned website) has failed to ever detect anything, even on websites with clear malicious content & exploits; ones that I have even had double checked by several other Anti-Malware companies to confirm that they were indeed infected. :frowning:

I even have reported some of these websites through the Comodo SiteInspector website and/or Comodo DNS Forum, but they still show up clean. :frowning:

Also, is there a Comodo SiteInspector forum, if not, then why not? ???

Also Comodo DNS is still in last place for blocking malicious sites in most peoples tests (including mine). :frowning:

Comodo DNS still lacks a Utility/Client for enabling/disabling it and/or dynamic IPs (Norton DNS, ClearCloud DNS, and OpenDNS have one). :frowning:

Comodo DNS lacks a way to report malicious and false positive websites from the Block Page and/or A Clear Online Submission Form and/or Forum. (ClearCloud DNS, OpenDNS, and Norton DNS has this (I think)).

Comodo DNS I think (I could be wrong) still lacks a clear Privacy Policy/Terms Of Use/Etc (I think (but I could be wrong) ClearCloud DNS, OpenDNS, and Norton DNS has/have this)

Comodo DNS lacks a customizable Blacklist/Whitelist (OpenDNS and Norton DNS has this).

Comodo DNS lacks Web Filtering for those that want it (OpenDNS and Norton DNS have this).

I think Comodo DNS and Comodo SiteInspector both have a lot of potential, so this makes me sad, and I want to help do what I can to improve these products.

Will Comodo drop/stop development on these two products soon or do y’all just need more volunteers or more resources?

It would be sad to watch these two products with so much potential continue to Stagnate and possibly soon die. :frowning:

I think some of us in the Community are willing to help if we are allowed to, and we definitely have suggestions/wishes/things that we would like to see improved/changed. :wink:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yes, there are moderators. Global moderators police all sub-forum areas.

However, you mustn’t confuse moderators with developers/staff. Moderators cannot do anything about FP’s in SecureDNS or SiteInspector, and more often than not, know just as much about product development as normal users.

As far as I’m aware, neither services will be going away any time soon.

Thank you for explaining that. :slight_smile:

So we need some Developers/Staff then. :smiley:

Hmm, maybe some Volunteer Developers/Staff instead then? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Comodo has many products, but don’t do them good.
Like CVE, anti-spam, Secure DNS, site inspector and CD.
Maybe that COMODO decreases its product line and makes the rest very good is more beneficial. That’s just my idea.

That is one idea, thank you for sharing that, maybe the Comodo Team is stretching themselves too thin/developing more than they can properly handle; either way I thank them for trying and I hope to help them if I can. :slight_smile:

As far as I know the developers are for each individual product, therefore an example. A Dragon developer is not taken from say CIS development team which in turn will not effect CIS either way. Comodo is still concentrating on security in general overall. A lot of products are still reasonably new and will mature in time. I personally think we all need to sit back forget version numbers of competitors, and give helpful feedback where required. If we all show support for each individual product I am sure we the users will be the benefit receivers in the long term. If we show little or no support, yes products will suffer and then we all miss out. I would like to thank John Jr for trying to get the quiet parts of this Forum active again and I will also do my best to help. If we lose Comodo products, we will most likely lose some Comodo staff also. Comodo has some very good products and some not so good. If we can all help turn these good products and not so good products into great products by helping anyway we can even simple constructive critisim, we will all gain the rewards. To John Jr I do apologise for running your thread a bit !ot! and thanks. Kind regards.

No problem, I think you did a good job, and I welcome your comment(s); thank you. :slight_smile:

Well you should then just for the fun have a look at CDE’s forum! ;D

Wow! Thank you for sharing that, I glanced at that forum, and it certainly is Very Quiet over there. :smiley: