Does the attack detection settings affects the global rules?

I would like to know if the attack detection settings affects the global rule
1.You change your global rules from default to block all incoming connection using the stealth ports wizard.
2.Then you erase all the global rules and then implement the same global rule (block the incoming connection) using the stealth ports wizard but now with the attack detection settings edited and implemented.

Does the 2 methods will have a difference in the rules on the global rules tab?I mean will the attack detection settings if edited, will affect the global rules?

what exactly changed in the Attack Detection settings?

any changes in the miscellaneous tab

my settings never changed. i don’t think global rules have anything to do with that tab. but if it changed your settings, that’s weird.

did you edited the attack detection settings?

i don’t remember what the default was but i have “block fragmented ip data grams” and “do protocol analysis” checked


Activating the various items in ‘Attack Detection Settings’ offers an extra layer of protection. It doesn’t affect any of your global/application rule.


tnx ragwing (CNY)