Does "Simple Copy mode" overwrite files everytime?

Hi all,
I’m a happy user of CIS and now I decided to give a try to this Comodo BackUp tool.
This one also seems great after running some tests.

Now I’d like to schedule a simple copy backup for a very large folder (and its sufolders), aprox 15 GB.

  1. I’ve already copied by myself the exact folder structure in the destination: will Comodo BackUp restart to copy everything again at the first run?

  2. When the scheduled backup will run again, will Comodo BackUp copy again all 15 GB files or will it just update the destination with new files and folders found in the source? Will delete files and folders that were deleted in the source?



A “simple copy” backup will always re-create the scheduled backup and copy all 15GB files.
If you want it to copy only changed files, use “Synchronized Copy”


Hi Emanuel,
thanks for your answer.

I’m going to try the “Synchronized Copy”. Will it delete in the destination files that aren’t in the source anymore? Will it delay much the system performance?

Thank you again for your support



No, it shouldn’t delay system performance.


Thanks again.
I’m now using Comodo Backup in Sync mode.

But please… Let me do one more question.

I have a number of folders filled of really small files (png icons, html files, js, php and so on…).
What does it happen if I rename one of these folders?
I mean, does CBU restart copying all files in a new folder while deleting the old folder content (it should take 10-15 minutes approx) or does it run like Windows itself, simply renaming the folder (1-2 sec)?

Ok, I thought that was another question, thus I opened another thread.