Does SecureEmail encrypt HTTP email like Outlook Express?

Does SecureEmail encrypt email sent from Outlook Express in Windows 2000 SP4, where Outlook Express Hotmail account is HTTP, and not POP or IMAP? I also have the same question for Windows Live Mail sending an unencrypted email under Vista Premium 32. Please note: SecureEmail does encrypt email sent from both Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail for GMail POP configured email accounts. But I can’t get it to encrypt outgoing email sent from inside Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail that have an HTTP (and not a POP or IMAP) server.
Windows Live Mail client is Version 2008 Build 12.0.1606, under Windows Vista Premium 32, SP1. Hotmail Server URL: Security tab has both Comodo digital signature and Comodo email certificate. Under Windows Live Mail/Safety Options/Security tab, “Encrypt contents and attachments for all outgoing messages” is unchecked, as “Digitally sign all outgoing messages” is unchecked.
Using Comodo’s SecureEmail “Prompt if a non-encrypted e-mail is found” is checked. Under Advanced “Only encrypt for contacts where a certificate is already installed on the system” is unchecked; “Don’t allow e-mails to be viewed by the web reader service” is unchecked; “Prompt my contacts for a password to read e-mails via the web reader service” is checked; “Block unencrypted e-mails from leaving the system” is checked.
SecureEmail’s “Digitally sign my e-mails” is checked. There are 2 Comodo certificates, one for my HTTP server Hotmail account, and one for my POP GMail account.
Under SecureEmail’s Protocols: POP: Hotmail, Client 990, SSL Yes, Server 995, Mail Server:;
GMail, Client 995, SSL Yes, Server 995, Mail Server:
SMTP: Hotmail_SMTP, Client 460, SSL Yes, Server 465, Mail Server:;
GMail: GMail_SMTP, Client 465, SSL Yes, Mail Server:
IMAP: (none)
Using Norton 360 with email scanning turned off.
Again, SecureEmail automatically encrypts outgoing unencrypted email sent from Windows Live Mail from my GMail email account, but not from my Windows Live Mail Hotmail (now known as Live Mail) email account.
Note: without SecureEmail I can send an encrypted email from inside Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail from my HTTP server email account using the Comodo email certificate. I am only trying to find out if SecureEmail will automatically encrypt an unencrypted email

Hi, Mrbigbubba

Currently Comodo SecureEmail (CSE) supports POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols only.

Support of all other protocols will be added in future releases.

Regards, Eugene

OK, Thanks!!