Does Search (Cortana) break for anyone else on the latest Creators Update?

So mine is, like it won’t find things on my system even though they are there, I thought at first it was a “me” problem and it was just Windows 10, but after talking to a few others with very similar results they also use Comodo CFW/CIS.

Window 10’s Search and Cortana rely on an internet connection nowadays, it’s deeply embedded into the System, I’m wondering if Comodo is not playing nice with this and blocking it… I get no notification from Comodo asking me about rules since I have it set to Custom.

Anyone on the latest Windows 10 Update, using Comodo, and have working Search? Can you search your programs and it turns up results? Can you type half words and it figure out similar results for you?

When they are part of Windows System Application or Metro Apps group CIS will allow them because they have predefined rules in Application Rules.

Cortana works for me on the creators update with CIS installed.

Cortana is working well here on both computers that I have Comodo installed, my only issue is that the desktop is not listed on my network but accessible, I don’t think its Comodo fault since the laptop is OK and the configuration is the same.

Programs increasingly integrated with the system can make Windows more vulnerable, for example, ransomwares uses instances such as svchost to connect to the internet, encrypt, and perform other tasks.

It is up to Microsoft and security companies to find a compromise between security and usability.

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