Does Registry cleaner also defrag?

Or should I still use Auslogics registry defrag tool? thanks

You need to use Auslogics Registry defrag. We had this in previous versions but it gave some problems. It will probably be integrated in further versions again :slight_smile:


Thanks for the open and honest answer. (R)

Sadly I got a lot of problems from it, and it made by system go further down the “messed up” trail. :-\

I seem same at my like wise… (:HUG) I recommend same - Registry Cleaner streamlines the registry and restores the speed and performance of any PC, fixes system errors and crashes, backs up the entire registry and clears duplicate and junk files. In addition, the Registry Cleaner maintains the high performance of computers, extends computer life expectancy and avoids costly hardware upgrades. CyberDefender’s breakthrough technologies allow for a more dependable product.

Registry Easy

Use NTREGOPT ( I’ve used it many many times on both a 32-bit XP and a 64-bit Vista. Never had a problem. It seems to compact it more than any other defrag/compactor I’ve tried. It automatically creates backups (.bak) of every hive. And it’s free.

NTREGOPT is my favourite choice as well, at least until the compacting function is put back into Comodo Registry Cleaner.