Does PrivDog work on Linux?

I want to make the switch to Linux but while it’s sad that Dragon or IceDragon aren’t for Linux (yet? :(), would PrivDog still work?

Yes, since browser-extensions are platform-independent, PrivDog works on Linux. I have used it on Ubuntu.

Unfortunately PrivDog is locked in an installer for Windows, but if you install PrivDog on Windows, you can copy PrivDog_chrome.crx (for Chrome/Chromium; I don’t know the exact name of the xpi-file for Firefox) to your Linux-system. Fortunately the installer is not needed for adding the extension to the browser, just drag & drop the crx-file on chrome://extensions in Chrome.

Ahh, that’s good. I don’t want to use Chrome though unless it’s Dragon. I was hoping to use it for Firefox at least so I guess I’ll have to be patient. Thanks for the reply.

I installed Firefox on my virtual Windows 7 and reinstalled PrivDog. The name of the xpi-file is PrivDog[at-bypass] and works just as well on Ubuntu.

Regarding Chrome, most Linux-distributions have the “pure” and fully open-source Chromium in their repositories, and it is even the default browser in some distributions.

How would I get it to work on Firefox? I’m using Mint if that makes any difference.

Copy the xpi-file to your Linux Mint-system, open the addons-page in Firefox (about:addons). Drag & drop the xpi-file on that page.

Hmm it doesn’t seem to be working very well. It just says “Not scanned” :-\

You are not alone and developers are working on the “Not scanned”-issue: :wink:

Oh wow, I didn’t see oyaremchuk’s reply. That’s awesome! Thanks :smiley:

Hi Guys,

The “Not Scanned” issue is now fixed in development, awaiting QA and we’ll deploy a version as soon as we can.

If anyone who has the not scanned problem wants to get a non-public beta dev version and assist our testing please PM me and I’ll send an XPI version to you.


Hi guys,

About a linux version. We don’t support linux officially yet but if anyone wants to beta test IM me and I’ll pass the plug-in files to you.

Let me know your browser, version, OS and version.

The “not scanned” issue is fixed, anyone running (or above in the future) if you have that problem still, let me know.


Hi All,

I’ve just made the Chrome plug-in CRX file available for download:

This should work just fine for Chromium on Linux, although it’s not officially supported. If you want to beta test it you can download it, unzip it and install manually.

Look forward to your feedback,


I have installed privdog on chromium and firefox on linux mint. It is working very well along with ghostery, disconnect and donottrackme. I followed the excellent suggestion to install this on linux.
I have only one problem. Everytime I open the chromium (after adding privdog addon) I have the settings on the right hand side showing error message. The message reads “error in extensions”. When I click that it goes to the chrome://extensions page and there is nothing but it shows all the extensions as usual. There are no error messages on that page.
Can any one help me on this?

Can you give a screenshot and the version number of the plug-in?


Thanks. I will take screenshot later today.

Here are the screenshots. One showing error on the settings symbol on right corner. I click it it goes to the extension page and immediately the error message is gone. I have both the screenshots. This comes only after installing privdog. I have all other extensions there before did not show any error. This is on linuxmint xfce. Thanks Nellai

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PrivDog and HTTPS Everywhere do not work well together, since they are both trying to redirect.

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Thanks for the info.
I have one doubt though. This error comes only once when I open the browser apparently with my speed dial page at chrome. There is no web address to go. Once I click the settings button and goes to the extensions page I do not see any errors there on any of the addons I have. I just close that tab and the error message symbol (!) is gone on the settings.
I have the same set of extensions installed on firefox and they seem to work well without any errors. It only happens with Chrome.
Wanted to share the above info in case if it helps.

Edit: Which of these extensions or combinations I should use then for a better privacy without conflicting each extensions?
HTTPS everywhere

I forgot to mention this. In one system where I took the screenshot has both Privdog and https everywhere. I have another netbook in which I do not have https everywhere. But I have privdog, ghostery, disconnect, donot trackme. That one also showed error message.
But in both cases I did see the error on the settings button on the chromium browser.
I also did not get the error message like you have shown in your screen shot with privdog. I assume that is a warning.

As I mentioned before I have same set of extensions on firefox which do not show any errors.

Please let us know what are the extensions privdog is not compatible with.


Try beta version of HTTPS Everywhere !
I also had the same problem then manually installed beta version and that fixed it.
Go to HTTPS Everywhere | Electronic Frontier Foundation and scroll down under “Development releases for Chrome and Chromium” and download first one named “https-everywhere-2013.8.17.crx (“more xkeyscore resistance” beta)”.
Save it to your PC and then drag&drop it into extension in CD.

Edited image-link. – JoWa