Does my router talk to me?

Hi all.

I have a new modem/router installed by my ISP (Hitron BVW-3653).
Some minutes ago, when starting Utorrent (I don’t know if it is related) I had a pop-up from the FW saying that I was recieving an attempt connection from (my LAN).
This is my third router but I had never seen this type of alert.

Any clarification would be appreciated.

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Assuming is your router’s IP address then it is talking to you. It is part of the Simple Service Discovery Protocol used by the Universal Plug and Play (uPnP) framework to look for other devices on the local network to connect with.

It is there for convenience. Suppose you have network hard disk with movies. UPnP then will help automatically finding it so for example you can watch these movie on your Play Station 3 (example is taken from my brother’s network set up). Work like a charm.

Thanks for a very clear answer Eric.