does kiosk have restriction levles or just virtualization

does the kiosk have restriction levels like the manual sandbox such as partially limited, etc. if not wouldn’t that make the manual sandbox more secure than the kiosk

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No Kiosk doesn’t have virtualization levels but it is still more secure than the average sandbox because it ALWAYS uses full virtualization mode and a safe keyboard if you want it :smiley:

Although I haven’t tested it, I’m going to assume that because the Kiosk shares the same virtual space as the manual sandbox, any access restrictions placed on the manual sandbox will also apply to the Kiosk. (As well as “Fully Virtualized” auto-sandbox)

I could be wrong though…

Well I would think so too, but a couple of experiments here suggests that Kiosk over-rides any [edit] restriction rule made for the program in sandbox ~ add.

So things are always run Fully Virtualised in the KIosk, it seems.

Possibly a bug?

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are you talking about restriction levels like limited, restricted, intrusted etc? I haven’t heard about virtualization levels. if you are talking about restriction levels the I don’t see how the kiosk is more secure if it doesn’t have restriction levels because the manual sandbox always uses full virtualization plus restriction levels. I don’t see how the virtual keyboard protects against keyloggers if a keylogger gets in the kiosk unless the keylogger has to target comodos virtual keyboard in a way that’s different from hardware keyboards. also if kiosk had restriction levels it would help keep the sandbox clean because it would be an extra hoop for malware to jump through before it could run

One of the sandbox levels that can be chosen is fully virtuallized but you have to enable it maunally though the registry so I am not sure what you are asking as restriction and sandbox levels seem to be the same thing ???

kiosk and manual sandbox has full virtualization. the manual sandbox has restriction levels plus full virtualization even though it’s not indicated that it has full virtualizatiovn in the GUI. this is the way the manual sandbox works in cis 5 so I assume it works the same in cis 6. check the help page to verfiy for version 5. the auto sandbox is the only one that can only have full virtualization through reg hack or a restriction level like limited etc but not both at the same time like the manual sandbox. so I’m asking if the kiosk is just full virtualization or full virtualization plus restriction levels like partially limited, limited, etc like the manual sandbox