Does it catch other malware?

I’ve been testing Comodo Antivirus for personal use. My question is, does it catch other malware besides viruses?

As in:

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At the moment CAVS is still really an antivirus, trojan, and worm. Spyware and adware is being added also to the database, but won’t be fully added until a few months or so.

The aim of CAVS will be to detect all malware, as well as having proactive techniques to stop it in the first place.


Well, since I’m testing it, you want me to post the logs I got from the malware scans and stuff like that? Starting with a HijackThis log?

That could be useful to Comodo to see test results, yes. Also, if you are testing using your own samples could you send them through the submit feature in CAVS to Comodo or Zip and password protect and send them to


Ok, what I’m doing is quarantining everything that Comodo finds. Is there a way to get the malware to them after it’s quarantined?

Open up CAVS>>go to ‘quarantine’>>then click the blue ‘quarantine’ button>>you can send files individually by selecting an item and choosing ‘submit item’ or choose to submit everything in quarantine by choosing ‘submit all’

Note: you can only submit each item once.


Hi. I got a problem now. Comodo improperly removed something that was in the LSP chain. So I’m having difficulty getting back online with the VM. I’ll post the logs when I get back online.

Edit: The program was Webhancer. I restored the files.

Ok, if you add the detected files to the exclusions and submit them to Comodo to fix the false positive.


All right, since HijackThis really isn’t needed, I thought I wouldn’t post it. Comodo did solve the pop-up problem which is great. The logs are attached.

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