Does installing Antivirus do away with Firewall ?

I’m sorry for posting this here, I couldnt find a category for the Antivirus for Windows (only linux and Mac from the main board)

I am trying Comodo out again (tried it years ago) and I started by installing the firewall. A day later I installed the Antivirus and I no longer see the Firewall options anywhere. Did it somehow overwrite the firewall ?

If I install the Internet Security, will it have both the firewall and the av ? Some of the pages said it had a firewall and others didn’t. Perhaps that’s the difference between the free or paid ? Not sure.

my configuration says proactive(old).

Hi Nicole_S,
No you can have both.
Go to Control panel, Add/Remove programs, Comodo, Next, Change and tick both the FW & AV then proceed.
Note: If you have installed both separately an Uninstall/Reinstall maybe required.

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Thanks, It didn’t overwrite the firewall and apparently made some hybrid program of CIS, had to uninstall the firewall first.

Hi Nicole_S,
After having a double installation if you continue to run into issues in the future you might find benefit from running the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo products found here in between Uninstall/Reinstall.
Then do a complete new reinstall for CIS.
CIS download links found here.
Kind regards.